VennPT is the best
for home exercise programs.

Why clinics
choose VennPT


Save time in every appointment by quickly searching through existing exercises or by recording an exercise demonstration while with the patient. With everything in sync, you get to spend more time on meaningful work.


Tailor the exercises you prescribe to your patients by recording in-appointment modifications or by modifying notes on existing exercises.


Patients love the ease of use when accessing their exercise programs. No more lost paperwork means they are more likely to complete their regimen.

Isn’t it refreshing knowing just where to look
when you need to find something?

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Record Videos

Create secure exercise videos on the spot and add them to workouts. Or, capture your existing exercise library and add it through the app for future use.

Send Workouts

Send a link through email or SMS from VennPT to your patient. From there, they can view their workout any time and on any device, no accounts needed.

EMR Documentation

When a workout is created, you can export a summary of the information sent to your patients, allowing you enter the workout info into your current EMR system for future reference.

Share Expertise

Keep your videos private for your practice to use, or make them public to share your expert knowledge with other therapists on VennPT.

Let’s simplify your HEP
in 4 easy steps

  • 1

    Create a VennPT account

    We’ll guide you through a quick setup.

  • 2

    Record exercises

    Create your own library of exercise demonstrations, or get started using videos created by the VennPT community.

  • 3

    Send a workout

    Add videos to a workout and securely send them to your patients through email or SMS.

  • 4

    Include your co-workers

    VennPT is better when your whole clinic is on board. VennPT has per-user access control settings to ensure your organization’s data is secure.