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A simple, mobile way to create and share personalized exercise videos with your patients.

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you create

VennPT was created with flexibility in mind, so if you can’t find an exercise you’re looking for in our collection of community submissions, record the modification on the spot and get exactly what you need, every time.


you need

During an appointment, every minute matters. Create custom videos, compile workouts, and distribute content, all during the typical flow of an appointment, saving minutes during every session. Spend more time with the patient and less time searching for the perfect exercise.


patients love

The VennPT method has doubled patient performance and confidence in their home exercise programs, allowing patients to get the information they need to get better. No accounts to set up or logins to remember. Short, looping videos give concise instruction, ensuring correct form, even after they’ve left the clinic.

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With VennPT, PT’s get the flexibility they want, and patients get the instruction they need to get better, faster.

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